Inside Verde Etiquette


We require 24-hour notice when canceling an appointment. If you are a no-show for an appointment OR do not give 24-hour notice, we will require a credit card number when you book your next appointment.



Please remember that a salon can be a dangerous place for unattended children.  In light of this, we must request that children not accompany you during your visit.  Although we  love children, have children of our own and provide services to children who are accompanied by a parent, we do not (under any circumstances) allow children in the salon with parents receiving salon services. Please find an alternative to having your little ones accompany you to Verde Eco-Salon.  Additionally, we have valuable art & antiques in our gallery to take into consideration. Thank you.



As a professional hair salon, it is essential to prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of all clients, which includes providing a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere during hair services. When receiving a two or three-hour hair service, it can be challenging to accommodate or entertain children as it can disrupt the client's experience and the hairstylist's ability to focus and perform their job effectively. Children cannot be accommodated or entertained during the hair service.

If you happen to be tardy for ANY service, we will do our best to accommodate you, but your service time may be shortened.



Just as you focus on your multi-level marketing business and/or sales career -we also focus solely on our brick & mortar business.  We take great pride in our product lines Davines at Verde Eco-Salon. We are not in any way interested in selling or promoting any products other than those we currently carry at our place of business.

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